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Logo design is our thing…

A logo can help build your brand.

We can make it stand out with good design.

Just because we've worked with multinational and government agencies on large corporate identity projects doesn't mean we don't like to help smaller business and startups.

Why a new logo? - that's always the first question we'll ask.

A logo is much more than a simple motif. It's often the most recognisable public interface you have. So logo design isn't just a case of clip art and hey ho, away we go. 

Your logo has to be part of your brand and your brand beliefs. It projects what you're about when it's done right.

At Prescott & Co. one of our key strengths has always been to get the best from a brief when a client wants a new logo. We'll go the extra mile to make sure it fulfills your needs and brings your brand the recognition it deserves.

Logo design: how and why

logo design:

Oil Recoveries

Logo Design and Branding Oil Waste Collection

A logo designed to show this is not just a "waste oil" company - with a highly professional service and a technical and safety background, it was important that we communicated expertise. This market is traditionally not image conscious and our brand design helped their reputation enormously.

logo design:

Jeeves Luxury Rentals

Prescott Design - logos and branding experts southport

Jeeves has grown to become Orlando's premier property management and rental company. Within 10 years they have grown from a few homes to becoming responsible for over 400, mostly luxury vacation homes. Their brand, which was well respected and had lots of brand equity, did not reflect who they had become. So, with a lot of effort, we used elements of their existing brand and transformed it into an elegant, modern look to reflect and communicate just how much sharper suited they had become.

logo design:

Trattoria 51

Logo design Southport & Liverpool restaurants

We'd worked with the owners of Trattoria 51 in Southport previously. But the new business model changed to something more family friendly a few years ago. More of a trattoria than a high end restaurant. They required an instantly recognisable, strong, slightly light hearted look to show you didn't need to dress up. Naturally the Italian flag is an easy choice but we made it come alive. And with the need to diversify, we tweaked it for their new-style pasta and pizza takeaway. It also looks great on a vehicle!

logo design:

Tarleton Day Nursery

Prescott & Co logo designers west lancashire

A local daycare nursery was referred to us. We knew their new brand had to be fun but not too light hearted (parents place a lot of trust when they leave their kids!). Using a stylised T, we created a tree effect from handprints to reflect growth and exploration. A fresh and fun logo design.

logo design:

Scarisbrick Hall

Scarisbrick Lancashire design

Scarisbrick Hall is a local landmark, the site of the landed family that has become a nationally successful independent school. The company behind that success wanted something iconic to represent it. There is a distinctive Pugin built tower that is visible above the surrounding woodlands from miles around. What better but to use that famous architecture and bring it into the modern age?

logo design:

Jarron Investments

Merseyside logo designers Prescott & Co.

A high flying entrepreneur required something strong and modern, with flair enough to reflect his company's ambition. We designed a simple powerful brand logo that works on sign designs, their website and more.

logo design:

Dolce Vita Ainsdale

logo design southport ainsdale

A rather tired brand was injected with life and vitality by creating a stylish and stylised hand drawn dynamic logo in a deliberately strong red colour and a hand drawn ink style. The restaurant's family run reputation for quality was immediately sharpened. No more dull menus here!

logo design:

Boileright central heating

Logo design for local business Southport

Local business, Southport based Boileright are a small team of installers who wanted a higher profile for their central heating business. We designed a logo, apparel and vehicles to give them a professional edge in a competitive market place - a good logo design helps them stand out.

logo design:

Mark Hudson Communication

Mark Hudson Communications Logo

Mark runs a highly successful acting school and works with high profile celebrities and actors on many projects. He needed a strong and simple logo designed to represent his personal coaching business, which uses his skills as a communicator to educate high profile clients in speaking on TV. Careful use of type and understated design worked perfectly.

logo design:

Viva Patata Baked Potato Packaging

Catering Company logo design

We needed a fun approach after coming up with the name and brand for this new food venture on Merseyside. Our client has restaurant experience but this required a younger and more fun logo design for a more snack-based product. The logo design works well on clothing, packaging and signage.

logo design:

P&D Italian Bakery Liverpool

Branding Design Liverpool Bakery

P&D is a well-known catering company with a successful café and restaurant in Liverpool. They asked us to modernise their brand and at the same time incorporate it into a new arm of their business - an award-winning Italian bakery. Implemented on print & packaging design, signage and interior design and graphics. An elegant type-based logo was the end result.

logo design:

Connections Private Travel

Travel Agency logo design southport

Connections is a private travel company for elite travellers. The logo we designed hints at connecting routes across the globe. It promises a discreet, classic and smart travel experience for high wealth guests.

logo design:

Tawd Valley Developments

Logo Design and Branding Tawd Valley West Lancashire

Tawd Valley is a Joint Venture Development Company creating new homes and social housing developments for sale and rental. Profits from this exciting venture fund social housing throughout West Lancashire. We designed a logo, corporate identity guide and signage. A light touch and a design that projects aspiration was perfect for their target audience.

logo design:

Hedgehog Childrens Party Planning

Prescott & Co Designers - logo design West Lancs

Hedgehog is a new concept in children's parties and events. With a background in catering and event planning, our client's new company required a fun, simple and professional brand to reflect their aims.

logo design:

King Hemp

Logo design Southport & Liverpool

Cannabis oil is the hot new health product and our client's new business required us to design a logo that wasn't too "hippy" but showed exactly what you were buying. By taking a cooler more technical approach, we designed a logo that will not only last, it's helping show that cannabis oil is not a fringe product.

logo design:

Haüs Chemicals

logo designers southport, west lancs

We designed a strong, simple "green" logo for Haüs Chemicals - a new concept in cleaning and protection products for the home. With an emphasis on European technical excellence, these premium products are also processed and packaged ethically and ecologically, using recycled packaging and biodegradable containers.

logo design:

The Absurd Curd Company

Scarisbrick Lancashire logo designers

The Absurd Curd Co. is based on Route 66 in Oklahoma USA and operates from the renowned Mother Road Market (as seen on Hairy Bikers!). This artisan brand of "English" curds began as an offshoot of an events and catering company and is now producing many popular flavours. We've been responsible for all the packaging and the brand needed to stand out, so we designed a quirky logo that reflects the eccentric English citrus-based flavours.

logo design:

Hext Design

Interior design logo Prescott & Co.

Hext Design is a North West based interior design company working with high profile, high end clients, mainly in the premium holiday rental sector. The logo design is bold, confident and understated, perfect for an upmarket, contemporary interior designer.

logo design:

Elite Insight

logo designers southport merseyside

A forward-thinking business management strategist wanted to impress future clients. Their business model thrives on a professional and technical approach, so we matched that ambition with a distinctive logo design. The 3D effect logo communicates connection as well as a modern approach.

logo design:

Circoleum Lubricants

Logo designers brand design Southport

Traditional lubricant manufacturers are not usually perceived as eco friendly but this international company recycles waste oils in their formulas and wished to express some of their green credentials - our design aims to communicate clean and clear thinking in this brand.

logo design:

The Gasworks Cafe

Gasworks Cafe logo design

The Gasworks Café is opening on the site of literally an old Victorian gas producing site. So it made sense to have a bit of fun with the design and reflect its interesting history. Graphic and clean branding referencing its former life is not just a lot of hot air…

logo design:

Lux Natura Scents

Cosmetics logo design

An elegant and individual logo designed for a client aiming to build a designer brand of candles and home scents. The logo reflects the tasteful and high end business being created by this aspiring start up business.

logo design:

The Oak Theatre

Oak Theatre Logo Design

Oak Theatre is an exciting new multi million pound arts centre in the grounds of historic Scarisbrick Hall. After multiple design proposals, we used the graphic motif we already designed for the Hall's public profile and wrapped it in oak leaves. The design reflects the history, along with a commitment to nature and sustainability in an elegant modern style.

logo design:

The Barr Ainsdale

Bar logo design southport

A logo designed as part of a comprehensive design scheme for a new bar opening on Merseyside. We also consulted on the interior design and supplied and fitted the exterior signage, giving Ainsdale's cool newcomer an edgy but comfortable family feel.

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