logo design southport
Logo design is our thing…

A logo can help build your brand.

We can make it stand out with good design.

Just because we've worked with multinational and government agencies on large corporate identity projects doesn't mean we don't like to help smaller business and startups.

Why a new logo? - that's always the first question we'll ask.

A logo is much more than a simple motif. It's often the most recognisable public interface you have. So logo design isn't just a case of clip art and hey ho, away we go. 

Your logo has to be part of your brand and your brand beliefs. It projects what you're about when it's done right.

At Prescott & Co. one of our key strengths has always been to get the best from a brief when a client wants a new logo. We'll go the extra mile to make sure it fulfills your needs and brings your brand the recognition it deserves.

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